Forecast and Track Delinquency from One Dashboard

Tracking delinquency, vacancy, collections, and income is more critical now than ever before. In Lobby CRE, the asset management software built for commercial real estate, you'll be able to see all of these metrics and more across your entire portfolio, and in specific properties, so you can act fast.

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Complete Visibility into Your Properties

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Answers at Your Fingertips

Easily track, visualize, forecast delinquency, and be alerted of any changes at any time at each of your properties.  

Respond Quicker

Alert your team of possible risks and take a proactive approach with Lobby Connect, an internal messaging, task management, and file-sharing system that lives in the Lobby CRE platform. 

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Past, Present, and Future

Analyze past and current delinquency and view automatically generated forecasts from one dashboard. Drilldown into daily and WoW differences by the property or by your entire portfolio. 

Dashboard Features

Delinquency Details in Seconds

Now more than ever, it's crucial to keep up-to-date with the status of your multifamily properties. The Delinquency Report is a powerful tool that gives you visibility into delinquency activity at each of your properties.

The report gives you the ability to make decisions using data that is updated in real-time. With the Delinquency Report, you will have a pulse on how each property is performing from one single source of truth. Share updates with your team from Lobby Connect, so you all stay informed and can pivot quickly.

Lobby Delinquency Report

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Highly Configurable Widgets

The widgets in the Delinquency Report are highly configurable to what matters most to you. Filter your view by the property, dollar amount, percentage, number of delinquent units, and more. Select specific periods or use the built-in forecasting feature to plan and prepare.   

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Empowering You With The Data You Need

We know that right now is a challenging time, especially for those in the multifamily industry. Our goal is to arm you with the information you need to have true visibility into your portfolio and to be able to take action quickly.   
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