The Evolving Role of Data in Commercial Real Estate

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Access to Data Drives Better Decision Making

Commercial real estate companies that treat their data as a valuable and critical competitive asset can use it to help drive business strategies through more accurate information and subsequently better decision making. For a long time, storing large amounts of data was cost prohibitive, but innovations in the last five years have dramatically lowered the price of compute and storage. Enter Lobby CRE.

Lobby Cloud™ offers:

  1. Secure data repository that captures, refines, and explores any form of raw data at scale
  2. Faster time to value with less risk to your organization while revealing new insights
  3. Data stored in a raw state requiring minimal upfront planning, which allows for a low-cost and fast integration.
  4. Download the white paper to learn more about the Lobby Cloud data management platform (DMP) solution.

Download the White Paper