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Excel Gymnastics in CRE:
Escaping the Limitations & Challenges of Spreadsheets

For nearly 40 years, commercial real estate firms have relied on Excel to manage most aspects of their business. But in a rapidly changing market, the status quo of spreadsheets may no longer be enough, as asset and property managers find it difficult to keep a real-time pulse on the business and make timely and informed decisions.

In this webinar, our panel of experts discuss:

  • Challenges and risks with using Excel for asset management
  • Key benefits and advantages for implementing CREtech
  • Strategies forward-thinking CRE professionals are leveraging to effectively operate the business and navigate industry shifts



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Matt Lexow-Gray
Data Operations, Lobby CRE


Robyn Harrington
Senior Director of Real Estate­, Manchester Capital


Max Bresner
Managing Director, BRIK\W/ELL

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