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Lobby CRE is the premier asset management software for the commercial real estate industry. With Lobby CRE, you can report, visualize, and analyze all of your properties in one easy to use dashboard so you can make incredibly powerful data-driven decisions.  

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Portfolio Boosting Insights With A Few Clicks


Data Aggregation

Lobby CRE aggregates all of your data: property financials, loan data, valuations, public data, current interest rates, operations, Excel spreadsheets, and more in real-time. Access your key information no matter where you're working from.
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Automated Reporting

With Lobby CRE, visualizing and interpreting your data is made easy with automatically updated reports. Our platform uses predictive analytics to find trends in your portfolio and notifies you of opportunities and risks.
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Data-Driven Decisions

Make portfolio decisions with clarity and confidence. Have a micro and macro view of dispositions, acquisitions, refinances, budgets, occupancy, and property improvements all in one platform.



Always know how each of your properties are performing in real-time. Easily compare performance and monitor KPIs from one platform.  


Visualize performance: NOI, renovation projects, delinquencies, and more in one dashboard with a library of graphs and customization options.


Remove days of analyzing data sets in Excel with one platform. Measure your portfolio and have access to answers immediately.


Get notified of important changes in your portfolio, or when the KPIs you set change, so you can respond quickly.

Customized Dashboards

Our dashboards and reports are completely customized to fit the needs of you and your team. Standardize and format reports with just a few clicks.

Boost Collaboration Across Departments

With Lobby Connect, you will communicate better across all departments. Your team can send messages, share files, assign tasks, and even receive notifications all from one platform.  
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"Lobby CRE has provided a necessary capability to measure our portfolio, which is ever-growing. Our team has been able to remove bottlenecks, automate some of our operational processes, and went from working off of 10 Excel sheets into one simple platform."
- Itamar Laufer, Asset and Client Relationship Manager

Have Complete Access to your Portfolio from Anywhere

Spend less time finding and organizing your data, building reports in Excel, and wasting time working through manual processes. Start harnessing the power of your data today. 

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