Uncover profitable opportunities in your CRE company in just a few clicks.

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We give you the tools to propel your business forward…like never before.

Combine all of your data in one location for easy reporting and analysis. Lobby CRE provides a complete data management and analytics platform for CRE companies of any size. Make decisions faster with a clear view of your entire portfolio.

Some of the key benefits of the Lobby CRE platform include:

  • Receive actionable and custom insights by our CRE Data Experts on opportunities or declines in your business. These insights can come in the form of prepayment estimates, historical operating statements, proforma analyses, and much more.
  • Easily drag and drop your files into the Lobby Drive to start receiving valuable insights.
  • View your entire portfolio at 360º with a dashboard built based on the KPIs that you care about to help make important decisions faster.
  • Impress your investors with real-time reporting and visualizations of performance.
  • Quickly view NOI change and identify the reasons with a few clicks so you can make adjustments that support growth.

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